About Us

Meet The Guides

doubletrouble_88Captain Billy is licensed by the United States Coast Guard. He started fishing Clarks Hills Lake with his father in the 1950s after the dam was built. He retired as a physical education teacher and coach after thirty years of service. In 1982, he began guiding for crappie and bass.

Twins Jim and Brad were born in 1975 and Billy’s boat became known as Double Trouble, as later did his fishing guide service. Jim and Brad have been fishing companions of their parents since their birth, learning to love the sport of fishing.

They, and their dad, have been featured in Georgia Outdoor News, Georgia Fisherman, Georgia Sportsman, The Georgia Fishfinder and The Augusta Chronicle. In March of 1987, Jim and Brad were featured on the cover of The Georgia Fishfinder, each pictured with respective catches of “twin” 9-pound largemouth bass caught in Clarks Hill Lake.

Jim has been featured on the Fishing With Ralph Barbee television show which comes on Comcast and Knology channels in Augusta. Billy, Jim, and Brad have been featured in The Augusta Chronicle sports section many times over the years. In 1997, they joined their dad as Double Trouble Fishing Guides. At that time they added guiding for stripers and hybrids.

Currently, The Augusta Chronicle features their fishing report in the sports section each Friday.

Our Boat

We guide out of one boat:

Carolina Skiff 218 Deluxe:

  • Hondo 150
  • 2 fish finders
  • Built in GPS Navigation System
  • Built in cooler
  • 2 live wells
  • Bait tank
  • 75 lb thrust motor guide wireless trolling motor
  • T-Top
  • 2 jump seats