Crappie in 12-20 Feet of Water

Ray dowdy went scouting for crappie with me on March 4, 2017. I caught a 6 lb bass on crappie jig. The crappie were hard to find. We ended up with 10 crappie. We fished shallow(in 3-6 feet of water) and caught a couple. Then went to 12-20 feet and caught the rest. The water was 55 degree. the crappie are not ready for the banks on our end of the lake. They have eggs and when the water get in the low 60, they should start moving to the banks. But for now they are staging in brush piles in 12-20 feet of water. We tried trolling over some trees in 20 feet of water but couldn’t get the fish to hit. We marked fish and decides to jigged with Crappie Binkspoon and caught several nice crappie, then the fish left. If the water temperature rises the crappie will be headed to the banks with in the next couple of weeks.