Down lining is getting better but smaller fish

Friday May 23, 2014

This morning, we took a young couple fishing, who wanted to catch fish, any fish. We looked on a hump in 22 feet of water and found nothing. The next stop was on a long point that was 27 feet of water. The fish were stacked in there. We down lined and they started catching fish just as fast as they could get them in the boat. These were smaller fish than what we have been catching. We turn a lot of them back but they had a ball catching them. The big fish here were 2 lbs. After about an hour, her husband said that he wanted to find some bigger fish. So off planer boarding we went. We pull humps and points catching 8 stripers that weighed 4-6 pounds. The wife caught an 8 pound catfish. She had fun getting him in. What a great day on the lake. We had a total of 35 stripers hybrids and 1 catfish.

Good fishing!!!