Herring are starting to spawn

The herring are starting to spawn, so this mean the stripers are moving in on the humps and points on the main channel to eat. The herring will use the flat, humps and points to spawn. The stripers and hybrids are moving into these areas to feed on the herring. We are catching some nice size stripers and hybrids with planner boards and free lines in these areas. The biggest striper so far this year is 12 pounds. Most of the fish are weighing 5-8 pounds and they are also full of eggs. Fishing with me last week was Jutt Wynn, Lenwood Heath and his son Rachard all from Waynesboro. Lenwood caught a 6 pounder but his son Rachard beat him with a 8 pounder. What a great outting!!!!
Check our photos for pictures of the big fish they caught.