Lake Info

Clarks Hill was impounded in the early 1950s. Its name was changed to Thurmond Lake several years ago by politicians to honor the late Senator Strom Thurmond. It is still fondly referred to as Clarks Hill Lake by locals. Located 22 miles from Augusta, the lake boasts 70,000 acres of water with many types of wildlife. Whitetail deer, wild turkeys, Canada geese, bald eagles and ospreys are likely to be seen during a day of fishing.

Different types of fish are caught at the lake. Striped bass are often referred to as stripers. They are one of the most aggressive fish to catch on the lake with the lake record being 59 pounds. Visit our Photo gallery for a picture of a 35-pound striper caught on one exciting trip!

Hybrids are made in a laboratory from a male white bass sperm and a female striped bass eggs. The hybrid is the toughest fighting fish in the lake. Clarks Hill Lake was one of the first lakes stocked with this fish in 1966 and has provided much fishing excitement!

The lake record for largemouth bass is over 14 pounds. We have caught these fish as large as 10 pounds. They become more aggressive as they grow larger and are fun to catch.

Crappie grow larger in this lake than in most lakes with our largest weighing 4 pounds. The lake record is 4 ¾ pounds.

Other fish caught on the lake are shellcrackers, white bass, yellow perch, chain pickerel and catfish. Double Trouble Fishing Guide Brad Murphy holds the lake record of 2 ½ pounds for yellow perch.