bradWe appreciate your interest in us and your visit to our website. Our rates, which include gas, oil, and all fishing gear, are as follows:

  • Striper/Hybrid  $300 for up to 3 people and $400 for 4 people
  • $100.00 for each additional person

Special rates are available for children under 12 years of age.

  • All persons aboard 16 years or older must have a valid Georgia or South Carolina fishing license. These licenses can be obtained from most bait and tackle stores. Bring drinks and food in a medium-sized cooler.
  • One cooler per party may be brought on board due to limited space on the boat. Alcohol does not mix well with water and sun, so for safety, no hard liquor is allowed, and only a limited amount of beer may be brought.
  • Bring one larger cooler to leave at the dock for taking fish home.
  • Remember to dress for the weather. It is always windier, cooler, or hotter on the lake. If rain is forecast, bring rain gear.
  • A day’s trip includes 6 hours of fishing or until the limit is reached.
  • The limit for crappie is 30 per person.
  • Bass limit is 10 per person with the bass being at least 12 inches long.
  • The stripers/hybrids limit is 10 per person.

No one can guarantee that fish will be caught when guiding, but we do the best we can to put you on fish and have an enjoyable time doing so. In the event that no fish are caught, we will plan for another trip at a reduced rate. You can visit our About Us page for details on our guides and boats.