Stripers and Crappie are starting to move to the shallows

March 17, 2015
It’s great to be back on the water after my surgery. We are catching crappie trolling Hal Flies, under a cork about 10 inches. We are trolling in 3-7 feet of water. All 32 crappie that we caught were slabs. It didn’t matter which color we used. To help us catch these crappie, we used power ball or nibble on the tip of our hook.

March 21, 2015
Our crappie have moved out. It took us about two hours to find them. The cold front had moved the crappie into the creek channels in 12-20 feet. We took the corks off and trolled the channels with Hall Flies and nibbles on the hook. Over all these crappie were smaller but we did catch 21.

March 24, 2015

Today was time to find the strippers and hybrids. We started at 7am fishing flats with planer broads and free lines with live herring on them and didn’t get a bite. About 10 am, we moved out to 21-45 feet humps. The strippers were there. For the next few hours, it was everything that we could do, to keep a rod in the water. They were hitting the planer broads and free lines like crazy. My party ended up with 17 nice stripers and hybrids. Nine fish weighed 10-16 pounds, eight weighed 3-7 pounds. It was a fun day.

March 27, 2015

A cold front had come through last night and it was tough to find a fish. We were using planers and free lines with herring. My clients ended up with 8 nice fish. The biggest weighed 9 1/2 pounds. The other fish weighed 3-6 pounds. .