Stripers and hybrid are still on the humps and points.

May 19, 2014

As we pull our planer boards and free lines, we are finding fish stacking up. These fish are on the side of humps. When we find these fish, we drop our lines down and bring the boards in the boat. We will stay with these fish as long as we can. When they leave, we go back to boards and free lines. Today was a good day for us. To catch the 27 fish, we have had to move to another part of the lake. These fish were hard to find. Our fish today were 20 stripers and hybrid(2-4lbs), catfish(5lbs), large mouth bass (5lbs), and 5 white perch. The water was 66 degree at 6am and warmed to 72 by noon. We came off the water at noon.

Tomorrow, we will look for bigger fish in a different part of the lake. Good fishing. Call or email me if I can help you with fishing.