Stripers and hybrids are eating the bottom out of the boat

Our planner boards and free lines are producing great catches of stripers, hybrids, bass and catfish. Jason Nightingale, his wife Amber and their 8 year old daughter Emmie caught a cooler of fish. All the stripers, hybrids and bass weighed 5-8 pound but 8 year old Emmie, out did them all by catching a 20 pound catfish. What fun she had!!!(See her picture in our photos)
Also fishing with me this week was Micheal Boseman, Shawn Boseman and Nichelle Dunbar. Nichelle caught a 5 pound striper but Shawn out did his Mom by catching a 7 pound striper. All their fish weighed 5-7 pounds. They and their family are going to have a big fish fry.
We are still using planner boards and free lines on flats, humps and points. The water is 67-70 degree and stained. The herring are spawning so this bring the stripers and hybrids into the flats.