Stripers and Hybrids on points and humps.

May 16, 2014

The stripers and hybrid are eating a hole in the bottom of our boat. That’s how fast we are catching them.  We are pulling planer boards and free lines on long point and humps between 5-16 feet of water. We put out our boards and before they get away from the boat we have a hit. Our biggest fish has been stripers weighing 15, 16, and 45 pounds. Most of the other fish are weighing 3-10 pounds.  We are turning back anything under 3 pounds. Our clients are enjoy our trip because there is so much action. We are putting our bait 20-30 feet behind the planer board. Our fish are getting harder and harder to find, because they are on the move. The water is in the mid 70s and low 80s. We have been scouting for down line fish, but when we find them they are small. I have been catching bigger fish and hope to continue to do so with the boards and free lines. But at some point the little fish will take over.

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