The Stripers and Hybrids are Showing up Late Morning for the Capt. Mack’s Umbrella Rigs.

Today, Friday July 31, 2015, the stripers and hybrid showed up late morning. Our clients today were a little bored the first part of the morning. We were on the water at 6:30 and the fish were not there. We trolled around at different places and caught a fish here and there. But at 9 o’clock our clients came to life. All the rods were going down at the same time and our clients were catching 2-3 fish on each rod. This continued to after 12. We had caught the limit of 40 stripers and hybrid by this time and had to leave the water.. The best part of the trip was our clients. They were Abby(16 year old) Mullins and her 10 year old sister Sophie from Grovetown. Larry Freeman fished with me and these were his neighbors. It’s so much fun just watching young people catch fish. These girls had a blast. Abby had the big fish of 9 pounds and Sophie had an 8 pound fish.